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evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, not so fast, mitt. romney recognizes the great threat posed by america's $16 trillion debt, but what is he going to do about it? today, he made a big economic policy speech and was quick to note how devastating america's debt problem is. >> our national debt in liabilities threatened to crush our feature. our economy struggles under the weight of government and fails to create the essential growth and employment that we need. >> now, during monday's debate, he noted the immediate danger of debt, too. >> admiral mullen said that our debt is the biggest national security threat we face. >> but what would president mitt romney do to slash the debt? well, given everything we know now, his plan doesn't add up. we know three big things about romney's plan. one. he wants to cut tax rates and pay for it by closing loopholes. two. he wants to increase defense spending by about $2 trillion over ten years. and three, he says he'll balance the budget at the end of his second term. let's start with the tax cuts. >> i want to bring down rates.
what the white house knew when and a new poll in ohio tonight, could romney lose the buckeye state and still win the presidency? we're going to ask rick santorum. and a cadet in the air force forced to choose between her child or staying in the military. does the policy add up? good evening, tonight, we have breaking news. new e-mail, i've got it in my hand, about the attack on the american consulate in libya and i want to read it to you. it says ds command reports the current shelter location for com, which stands for chief of mission, personnel in benghazi is under attack by mortar fire. there are reports of injuries to com staff. this e-mail was sent just before midnight on september 11th of this year. suzanne kiel has been working the story all day. and she's out front with the latest what you can tell us about the significance of this particular e-mail? >> the e-mail shows us that the nature of the attack and it came some eight hours after the attack happened. keep in mind what u.s. officials knew at the time. they knew for example, that al sharia was a well equipped group wit
loopholes, but doesn't tell us exactly which ones. kind of like they've accused mitt romney of doing. when we made that assertion, we looked hard through the entire campaign website like any voter would do to find the information. we couldn't find it. now, the campaign took issue with our comment, saying our equating their lack of detail on loopholes to mitt romney's was a false equivalency, so they sent us details this afternoon. more accurately, they sent us the president's 2013 budget tables. and they say -- i guess if this one year is a reflection of everything the president would do for the next four years, then it's fair. they gave us the loopholes. the tables of their 2013 budget submitted in february are right here, starting on page 15 of 30, after devoting 14 pages to taking aim at the gop plan. but does it add up to the president's plan of cutting $4 trillion from the debt? well, no. the nonpartisan, cbo, analyzed this budget and concluded, and i'll quote them, over the 2013 to 2022 period, the cumulative deficit that would result from enacting the president's budget, $6.4 trilli
, if you look at mitt romney, he wants to spend $2 trillion more on the military than the military wants to spend. he wants to give tax breaks to people at the very top, billionaires, millionaires, you name it. he doesn't want to take away tax breaks from people who ship jobs overseas. so he has no plan whatsoever. so one could argue that the president's $4 trillion plan will be tough to do. he's a man of his word. when he says something, he does it. >> all right. thank you very much, senator. we appreciate your coming on and making the case for him tonight. thanks for your time. and still to come, mitt romney played it cool while president obama was on the attack last nigh night. which style won your vote? >>> plus, the two candidates squared off on the threat of a nuclear weapon. one candidate says it's about capability. the other about actually having the weapon. does that difference matter? >>> and sent to prison for what six scientists did days before a devastating earthquake. does that add up? ♪ [ male announcer ] start with nothing, build a ground-breaking car. good. now build a
with a bipartisan back slap. nice work to both barack obama and mitt romney. dot dot dot. i'm so relieved that it's over. maybe more than both of you dot dot, severe anxiety. god bless, xo. you see, a thoughtful nuanced lindsey lohan, exactly what you want in a pundit or ginseng beverage party of ten days. have a seat, political elite. lindsey's got election night covered on the "ridiculist." that does it for us. "outfront" next, 14 days before the election, president obama lays out his vision for a second term. but does his 20-page plan add up? >>> plus, the aggressor versus the gruyere. we saw two really different styles during last night's debate. whose strategy worked? >>> and apple unveiled a thinner, lighter, smaller ipad. but is its price tag maxi? let's go "outfront." >>> good evening, everyone, i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, the big reveal. today, president obama unveiled his plan for the next four years. >> folks who are still not convinced, they can look right here and find out what it is i intend to do in a second term. >> all right. that booklet in his hand, i've got it here,
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)